Sciatica Treatments

Sciatica refers to a medical condition that results in numbness, pain, and even weakness across the lower back, legs, and buttocks. The symptoms and discomfort of sciatica can easily disrupt one’s daily routine. At Handcraft Chiropractic, Dr. Daniel Lewis and his team of professionals serve the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL, area offering a variety of non-invasive chiropractic treatment options to relieve current symptoms and prevent a future sciatic flare-up.

What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve branches from one’s lower back and runs down each leg. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, so when it becomes compressed, inflamed, or irritated, the resulting pain can be excruciating and radiate from the lower back down through the leg. This pain from sciatica is often the result of one of the following -

  • A back injury
  • Any type of trauma
  • A herniated spinal disc

How Can a Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor Help Relieve Sciatica Issues and Pain?

A chiropractor has various techniques in their chiropractic tool chest to help alleviate the pressure that has been placed upon the sciatic nerve. Patients at Handcraft Chiropractic may potentially receive any one or combination of these chiropractic services -

  • Gentle Hand Adjustments can help shift the space between the discs, releasing the compression on the nerve.
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation – which may include –
    • Microcurrent Therapy
    • Interferential Current Therapy

Dr. Lewis and his staff can also help treat sciatica using these therapeutic modalities –

  • Cryo (Ice)/Heat Therapy
  • Manual Therapy
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Mechanical Traction
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Additionally, Dr. Lewis can educate you about the ways to proactively help prevent another sciatica flare-up. This might include posture guidance or how to lift a heavy object safely.

Self-Care For Sciatica

With a chiropractor or medical doctor’s approval, the following suggestions offer ways to help yourself when sciatica flares up.

  • Rest – avoid moving in ways that will aggravate the condition.
  • Hot/Cold applications – ice reduces inflammation. Heat encourages blood flow and healing. Do NOT apply either directly against the skin.
  • Gentle stretching – maintains a range of motion and flexibility.
  • Gentle exercise – research suggests that gentle motion from exercise can ease pain and strengthen core muscles.

Contact Handcraft Chiropractic for Sciatica Relief Today.

If you are experiencing back and leg pain, contact Handcraft Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, FL at 954-507-5158 or reach out to the professional staff at Handcraft Chiropractic online.

Dr. Lewis and his team of professionals look forward to customizing a plan that helps you get back to an uninterrupted life that is also pain-free.  

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